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Mohinder singh Memorial Public School samati Sitarganj was established in 2005 and is administered by the Mohinder Singh memorial education society Sitarganj. The school owned by the Mohinder singh Memorial of Sitarganj, charitable registered society on 7/4/2005 the society is registration Act XXI of 1860

The Mohinder singh Memorial Public School Sitarganj is a charitable and registered and is engaged in sociomedico educational work. It is doing mainly educational and development work. Mohinder singh Public School is the most important aspect of this work in Sitarganj.

Mohinder Singh Memorial Public School is Charmingly situated on a plain area of around 1.75 acres of land in sitarganj, 500 Mtr, away from main Bus Station of city, where students enjoy was established in response to the persistent requests of the local people and especially by the officer class, business class, service class and administration to the integrate education in our school efforts. The strength of the school consists of 20% of the students from transferable service personals such as children of Government officials, Army Personals.

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" Serve for the future"
Institution is highly dedicated to produce better citizen for future.


The school aim at imparting a quality and value based education. Our endeavour is to enable students to develop an analytical mind, moral integrity , a strong sense of values, a disciplined life style. We focused on all round development of each and individual child, that is a key of the institution. A strong emphasis is laid on games , co-curricular activities , project work etc. So as to relate education to the real life experience.


The school vision is to provide a learning environment that encourage children to bring confidence in them and which support or inbuilt their quality and helping in learning , awakening and illuminating their intellect in multi-dimensional ways and instilling values in them.